Slalom Knows No Season

Slalom Knows No Season The unlikely story of a group of fearless adrenaline junkies more in love with waterskiing than the weather. by William Baker Published in Chapin Magazine Spanning four counties and nearly 50,000 acres in the center of our state, Lake Murray has formed the bedrock of what so many Midlands communities, familiesContinue reading “Slalom Knows No Season”

The Nuances of Copyediting Poetry for Film

Copyediting is fun! Every project has its own challenges, intended media format, platform and audience. One such project I worked on was “I Spy I Spy,” a Dutch experimental documentary about a unique neighborhood in Utrecht. The filmmaker contacted me for assistance creating accurate subtitles. Subtitles, eh? What’s so special about that? The content.As anContinue reading “The Nuances of Copyediting Poetry for Film”

Artist Profile: Denise Waldrep

by William Baker Published in Greenwood Magazine Great art captures more than the obvious. True artistry captures, conveys, and creates far more than the immediately on-hand. Much like the tip of an iceberg, art reaches beyond a subject and displays the hidden, subtle intimations of the infinitely wondrous world to the carefully observant artist. AsContinue reading “Artist Profile: Denise Waldrep”